Oil changes

How many of you change the o-ring on the filter cover when you change the filter? Do you need to change the filter with every oil change? Thanks.

Some filters come with the o-ring, like Fram. I usually us the Hi Flo Filtro which are about half the price, but do not come with the O-ring. Yes, I have replaced the o-ring a couple times. No, it is not necessary to replace it unless it is hardening/cracking. If oil starts seeping out get a Fram so you can get a new O-ring.

Danco, I've done over 11,000miles in 28 months.

Umteen oil changes, still using original

o-ring. As pattern filters are very cheap

I ( and most others ) change the filter

with every oil change ( about 800 miles for me ).

cheers, Craig

I have been running the same o-ring now for about two years and have had no problem. If it's not broke,...dont fix it! Happy ridin!

Mucho Grande gents. I just got the bike last month and bought a shop manual which of course say's change it every time. Just wanted to make sure. Thanks again.

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