Power-Now intake on KTm?

i own a ktm 400 sx and was just wondering if anybody uses a powernow intake. if you do, what increases in power do you notice if any? please reply. Thank You

I have a 525mxc with power now, quite frankly I don't use the full potential of the bike to really notice any improvement in hp, however what is clearly evident to me is throttle response

The Power Now is only going to effect the first 1/8 or so of throttle. Some say it helps, some say it don't. Me thinks it helps on the starting and very bottom end.

So does it make it easier to ride or harder? I thought the KTm throttle response is pretty good compared to my Yamaha's. My old WR would lag then take off big time. KTM has a little but much less. YZ lags then wheelies.

I'm not too sure I like it, coming from a mild mannered DRZ400, it is the only trait I'm having problems with on the KTM. I'm finding it hard to control throttle on up hills where I'm clutching a lot to compensate (it wears you out!), and surprise bursts of acceleration on steep down hills, mainly when you're tired. Basically made the bike a bit nervous on low throttle, otherwise no problem. Maybe it's something I've got to master still. Just my $0.02.

It depends on what you want. I wanted a harder low end hit and added a 50T rear sprocket, Power Now and FMF exhaust to get it.

The Power Now helps "clean" up the jetting a little on the bottom end and as stated above helps in the 1/8 throttle range. It seems the larger the cc's you have the more you will notice it, not that it makes a big difference in the first place. Some people have even made their own rather then spending the money on buying one.

If you do a search on this site you should find allot of info on it.

I put one on my 02 EXC, and did not notice any difference in quantity or quality of power. Just my $0.02

From what I recall, most of the lower cc bikes reported no difference, while the 520's reported a slight difference. I put one on my 453 and the difference was small at best.

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