Just checked my Valves...

2004...MX and Desert riding...Change oil every 2 to 3 rides.. Clean air filter after every ride... guessing I have 80 hours total on bike..

Left intake.. .008

Right intake. .007

Exhaust.. .014 :cry:

Decomp.. .014 with .011 in Exhaust..even though it goes up to .014

I think I did everything right. I have heard of them being to tight, but what about to loose?? I am no mech.!!

Better to loose than to tight. I would not worry about it. Does it start easy?

Yes, it fires up on the first kick when cold if I give it a few twist of the throttle. Hot start isn't a problem either. :cry: Just thought since it read .006 +- .001 and .011+- .001, thougt I had to reshim it or something?! :cry:

I think you are good to go :cry:.

I would reshim the exhaust valves. Also when you check the decomp it should be exhaust valve clearance+ .014.

If you checked it with an .011 feeler in and it's actually .014 then the decomp is too tight.

Honda has specified clearance for a reason.

About all that .014" exhaust is going to do is make a little tick tick tick noise. Leave it alone unless you've got nothing better to do.

you should reset your clearances to the spec its not good to run them loose it is actually better to run them on the tighter side of the spec this lowers the seating velocities more and lest the valve on the seat eazyer i was running the 02 cams on the dirt trackers @ .002 " just to get more duration

Thanks for that info rhc.

I was always led to believe its better being on the other side of spec.

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