250 four stroke Poll !!!

Hi, im looking to get a new bike hopfully pretty soon.

The bikes i am looking at.

Honda CRF250R~Like-The aluminum frame and head that they were awsome MX bikes.

Dislikes- Heard they have tons of valve problems.

Yamaha YZ250F~Like-Been out for awhile and no valve problems and heard they are also pretty good MX bikes.

Dislikes- No aluminum frame and for some odd reason after awhile the platics go from blue to white.

Suzuki RM-Z250~Like- The looks and i think they have aluminum frame nut havnt heard much about them.

Dislikes- Heard about over heating and other internal problems but may be fixed for 05.

Kawasaki KX250F~Like- Same as the Suzuki.

Dislikes- Same as the Suzuki.

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250cc four stroke bike.

<input type="radio" name="option" value="1" />2005 Honda CRF250R

<input type="radio" name="option" value="2" />2005 Yamaha YZ250F

<input type="radio" name="option" value="3" />2005 Suzuki RM-Z250

<input type="radio" name="option" value="4" />2005 Kawasaki KX250F

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I love the Yamahas, I've ridden the CRF and just not as much snappy power... you can always get new plastics! :cry:

Oh, and the '06 Yamahas will have the aluminum frames! :cry:

The RM-Z and KX-F have steel frames. I am somewhat partial to Yamaha, but even so I don't think you can say that the YZ-F's have no valve problems. I think any 250f, or 450 for that matter can have valve problems. I agree that the Yamaha's seem to have the least amount of valve trouble.

honstly, im thinking hard about the same question minus the kawazuki's....i dont wanna drop almost 6k on a bike and have problems....I also am having a hard time choosing between the CRF/YZF 250's, and that almighty 05' YZ 250 is making it even harder (if you listen closely, you can can hear it calling my name....pete Pete PETE!!!! :cry:) But i dont know....im kind of shying away from the little red thumper because of all the issues with the valves, but thats just my opinion....you gotta make this one by yourself...Good Luck! :cry:

The yammies will rock supercross this season. Then they will mow motocross down to size.

Seriously though. :cry:

Yamaha has put some massive development money into their bikes. I really expect them to start dominating the charts for the next couple of years.

Yeah, I'd wait another year for the 06 YZF lineup. The suspension is awesome this year and next year will be the aluminum frame, which is going to drop it at least 4 lbs. Its going to float over all the jumps. :cry:

My YZF has roughly 650Miles

Checked valves all in spec!

Really a freat reliable bike you'll love it. They hold up very well also. :cry:

Yammies. No big problems, but if the plastics go white owell, you can get a new plastics kit and you're all set. Honda turns pink so what's different :cry:

And like other TT'rs said, the 06 will be one kick ass bike.

rmz/kxf is the lightest so when yammie goes to the aluminum frames they'll only be ahead 2 lbs. (that is saying that suzuki/kawi don't make any improvements from now) the rmz/kxf also has the strongest motor. I haven't had any problems with my rmz, no overheating issues no valve issues either. It is a steel frame but it's light.

i have never heard of yamaha plastic turning white! none of my yamahas have. i have a 04 yz250f and iam getting an 05 when they come to my dealer. i have also had a yz85! no white plastic

Red, green, yellow blow. Blue don't blow. :cry:

do the yammies come with the hot start already installed? OH, and ive noticed the Honda come with excel rims.... is this on the yamaha too? :cry:

You're probably blind or don't ride long enough to crash.

My 02 YZ250F turns white when I crash and bend any part of the plastic.

i have never heard of yamaha plastic turning white! none of my yamahas have. i have a 04 yz250f and iam getting an 05 when they come to my dealer. i have also had a yz85! no white plastic

i understand what your saying! i thought u meant the whole bikes plastic turns white becaue of fading or something. It doesnt get that bad. i have had my fair share of crashing/dumping :cry:

a heat gun helps with bringing back the color.

get a suzi and don't worry about it. :cry:

a heat gun helps with bringing back the color.

Not all of it though.

Be very careful removing the stickers on the 05 yammies. I have permanent white spots on my fenders because I used a heat gun to lift the stickers off.

And they still stress white from crashes. But now I dont have the ballz to try and heat them back blue from what happened with the stickers.



I wouldnt say its the strongest. Ive ridden a RMZ and no doubt it handles better than my 02 YZ250F, but I dont think it had as much snap off the bottom and It didn't have anywere near the over-rev of the YZf, they supposedly are better about that for the 05 lineup. Ive had my YZ250F for 2 years, checked the valves twice, re-shimmed once :cry:

looks like the Yamaha's winning, in the TT polls. :cry: :cry:

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