5 hours on bike..... Do valve check or wait ???

This is my second 4 stroke, and the local dealer said to wait till I have about 10 hours on her. Theres only 5 hours on the bike now. Should I be concerned about the valves yet or not ? I"m probably only going to put about 5 more hours on her before parking it for the winter. Hard to ride that much working 6 days a week. Also, I"ll do it my self, I just wanted the dealers opinion, along with your thoughts..

do it now, and change the oil.

It's your bike treat it like you like it.

Thanks... And I change the oil after every ride. Even if its just for an hour. Friends all laugh at me for doing it that often. But they all want my bikes when I"m ready to sell :cry:

Do it once now, to be sure the factory got it right, then do it again in another 5 to make sure nothing has changed. Then, on a 450, you should be good for quite a while depending on how hard you thrash it (she kin take a good thrashin' too,)

the previous owner of my '03 insists he never had to adjust any of them, and at last check (this week) the thing is STILL in spec. :cry:

It's not a honda :cry: My yamaha is still in spec. after 2 years :cry: :cry:

I also change oil every ride day. Even at lunch of the ride day if it's a grueling ride.

I have used shell rotella 15-40 diesel oil in the 04's for over a year now. When I tore them down to put big bores and a new set of cams on them, I was amazed that I could not measure any wear at all on the cam journals.

Changing the oil before it becomes contaminated by blowby, is the best thing you can do to keep the motor like new inside. :cry:

The dealerships always tell you to bring it back within 10hrs.... What they don't tell you is that you will be paying for it to be looked at... Over $100 too.... My bike being an 2001 has been checked over 2-times and nothing has changed at all and I ride hard.... I don't think that it is worth the money to give it back after 10hrs.... And if something should blow up you do have the 90day warranty...

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