YZF vs WRF- Is the gap closing?

Have thought that the perfect woods/gp bike would be a YZF with the wide ratio tranny in it.

For 05 it seems that the differences are even less defined as both will likely need an aftermarket tank for range (YZF 1.8g/WRF 2.1g)one more thing that wouldn't make one better over the other. That was one thing that needed to be replaced on the YZF, but not on the WRF previous to this model year. Had always leaned toward the stripped WRF because of the woods goods, but now the YZF back in the hunt.

I've read all the posts regarding placing a wide ratio in a YZ using the search function and all pretty much ended up the same-with a promise to give a full ride report that was never posted.

Can anyone give that belated ride report now?

actually the gap is now a real gap.

Are you saying the gap is now wider? How so?

well the yzf has went lighter, and the wr has went heavier.

the yzf has went with dream forks, and the wr gets the hand me downs from last year (they didnt even get em last year).

And last but not least wr has shortened it's height to accomodate the weekend warrior.

It still has it's heritage but who knows what next year will drop.

That is my point. The YZF has double chamber forks, full power (not corked up), springs are correct but need a revalve, can put promoto billet arrester cap and wide ratio tranny and it is ready.

The WRF needs to be uncorked, 20 lbs heavier (put YZF # plate and rear fender), needs at least a spark arrestor replacement (FMF Q)or different baffle, heavier springs and revalve.

Both need armor and bigger tank. Seems like it is more of a wash than previous years although you always end up lighter and without e-start on the YZF.

How about those ride reports?

I guess it what you all in want to perceive.

The yz gets the goods for motocross, the wr gets the good for the woods. The gap is widening.

I have struggled a lot with this decision.I ride 99% woods & race hare scrambles for fun.I had money down on a YZ because I didn't want to go through the uncorking process,but after getting stopped on a hill behind some one w/o estart I realized its worth its weight.Also,it comes with things I would want to put on a YZ like a kickstand,FW weight,18" wheel,O ring chain.I will race tech the suspension anyway, so thats a wash.I will also get hot cams with adjustable timing,I'm still undecided about the new aluminum pipe,I will probably get something else anyway.I'm hoping that they lowered it to make it feel less top heavy.I'm getting excited I hope it comes in soon.

the wr is perfect for hare scrambles. Just having the E button for the dead starts is worth having it over the yz.

I doubt the weight will be an issue once you get used to it. The first ride on the 450 nearly killed me because I wasnt ready for the 12 pound increase. But now that I have rode it a few good rides, I can toss it around easily too.

Supposedly the yz85 renthals fit the bar holders on the 250's and are 2" shorter in width. The handsavers barkbusters the TT sells work great for deading the vibrations aluminum bars create.

those yz85 bars work great. They are about 29.5" and have just enough handlebar real estate to fit the throttle, front brake and starter switch on 1 side.

An added side benefit is they raise the bar up about 1". That really helps when standing.

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