BRP in Baja

Just got back from Baja with the BRP for the first time. All I can say is (Sweet) :D:D

I did find one weak spot. I picked up a large rock off the front wheel and it pushed in the stock skid plate and cut my lower radiator hose. :)

I started loosing water and had stop and patch it with tire patches. This slowed the leak down until I could find some heater hose at a little store in Colinet.

We did about 410 miles in 3 days riding up and down the coast and up to Mike's Sky Rancho. All I can say is the bike kicked ass. :D

Keith posted my BRP in flight (Pigs can fly). I'm the one in yellow gear.

So why is Keith higher than you??? :)

Well that is Chris. Keith knows how to post pictures I don't.

I backed off a little at the last moment because we were getting close. I chickened out OK. :)

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