I just popped by my local abandoned gravel pit to goof around for a few minutes before heading home after work.....I went through this section that I normally do and came to a section where I loft the front end over this big rock. Well I popped the throttle and the bike stammered then came on like crazy. I almost S$it myself :cry: I did it two more times and it did the same thing :cry: It seems to be doing it when my front end is about a foot off the ground and it hasn't done this before. Any suggestions?

Kickstand safty switch?????? Go here for the needed direction!!! http://drz.info/

thanks, I'm not sure that's what it was though. I know what that feels like and this was different, almost like lack of fuel for a second :cry:

dude,its the kick stand switch.

Ok burned :cry:, I'll do the mod :cry:. Where about's is the sensor? Is it right above the kickstand?

Yes, it has a little plunger that hits the kickstand when its up.

hey Linco, so do I cut the wires above the "plunger" and then solder them together :cry: I think that's all I need to do but I don't want to make extra work for myself :cry:

Thats what i did, worked fine.

Aparently you can also find the connector somewhere and short it up there somehow.

You can go that route, I went to the plug under the seat and solderd and shrink wrapped the wire together. :cry:

If you follow the wire it will run into a green plug right behind the gas tank. I just unplugged the wire to make it easier to work, took a razor and peeled back a little bit of the wire wrap off each wire, used a short piece of wire and wrapped and soldered and then taped and plugged back in. That way it is easy to undo in the future if someone else wants to retain the feature. I have never been very good at soldering and had a nice blob all the way around both wires by the time I was done, not pretty but I guarantee you it ain't comming loose :cry: :cry: :cry:

If I had had a larger push connector on hand I would have just slid it into the female end of the plug to connect the two leads and put i piece of tape on the ends of the connectors. When I saw I was out of he right size connectors and new I would have to strip and solder I was glad it would be taped and out of site. :cry:

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