Displaced Nevada rider looking for hotspots in Montana

Hey Guys,

Well...this is my first trip to the North Forum!!

I am a Nevada rider who was recently displaced approx. 2 weeks ago.

To my dismay, there is not sand or washes and the fence situation is rather depressing up here. I'm reduced to riding back dirt roads. *deep sigh with a tear in eye*

My pooooooor motorcycle...she sings the blues!

But my current location is Red Lodge, MT...which is approx. 60 miles S. of Billings?

Does anyone have any good suggestions for rides??

Have a truck and more than willing to travel...just need places to go!



Cheer up! There are places to ride near here, kind of depends on what kind of riding you want to find. Elk Basin, Pryor Mountains, Custer Forest Service Ben Bow and Picket Pin areas, Morrison Jeep Trail in Wyoming, etc. are all real close to you. Get Montana and Wyoming Gazeteers sp? and look for the BLM and Forest land areas.

BTW...We are heading out this weekend to ride at Ben Bow and maybe Picket Pin. Drop me an email off-group and I can give you specific location directions.


Its a little late now... but I would have loved to come!

Gorsh, getting into the snow season now...got some last night up here.

Are you a skier, also??

No skis except on a snowmobile.

Friday afternoon riding @ Ben Bow was great. Saturday was fun, but hit snow at about 8,000ft and got too deep to ride motorcycles safely at 9,000ft. Came back to camp @ 6,600ft and rode until the snow came down the mtn to us. We left last eventing and found out those that stayed woke up to 6" of snow this morning...Any weekend with riding is a great weekend, snow or not!

I rode 45 miles of dirt road this weekend. :cry:

Hubby and I hualed a load to the dump in Billings and it was looking like there used to be hill climbs there once upon a time ago??

I was raised in Reno until moving to Montana 12 years ago.

Send me an e-mail to yorchie@bresnan.net and I will get you information of Montana Trail Bike Clubs and also racing information. Billings has a "small" hillclimb featured in national magazines that have crowds over 20,000 people.

Beartooth highway is a nice piece of road real estate and you are living in a location that you have access to riding in 90 mile radius. Should also look at the Northwest section of TT that is Idaho/Canada.

Dingo, there are some good spots down around Lovell, Wyo. Also there is some decent stuff way up north in MT. One ride you have got to do is the Little Belts, out of Harlowtown, the Haymaker and Daisy Dean areas are AWESOME! :cry:

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