Rausch creek, sat 10/23 ,couple questions also.

Hey guys im heading to Rausch for the first time sat on my new bike, Do they have the tracks marked so u know what track is what, and do they have flag guys on the tracks,any other helpful info u might have about the place would be greatly appreciated, hopefully there wont be a lot of people there, first time on a Mx bike in 5 years also lol. thx. joe

The tracks are kind of marked with saying of which they are.

There are NO flaggers.

Sunday would be a much better day to go. Saturday will be a tad slick. Sunday, the place should be very, very nice.

I doubt we'll be going Saturday, but my dad, myself, and my uncle should be up Sunday around 12:00-1:00!

Cool thx. for the info, I can't go sunday :cry: so i have to go sat., do alot of people go sat.?

QUADS QUADS AND MORE QUADS.....And a few bikes to lure you in...Did i mention quads will be there? Alot of them! :cry:

Yeah i went today, Your right alot of quads, but its all good, getting back on the bike felt great was alot of fun., Tower city was closed becuase of hunting, so i think thats why there was alot of people there, seen one gut on a quad get hurt and go out in the ambulance, but other than that great day.

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