Ocotillo 10/23

I'd like to hook up w/ some fellow tt'ers at Ocotillo this Saturday am. Who's going and where can I hook up with you at? :cry:

my son and i may go i'll let you know for sure tomorrow.we allways take 15 to 79 but we can meet any where in ocotillo if we go. :cry: jim

Hey Bryan, miguelitro & myself are heading up Sat am & staying Sat night thread and will be meeting up with Flyinall behind the Blue Inn, who is camping with some co-workers, from Vertigo. We should be leaving SD around 8, all are welcome to join! :cry:

I can't make this time, But thank's for the invite! I would like to meet you, Perhaps another time :cry: :cry:

Hi Bryan--

Wish I could go, but I have a 250 mile race at Plaster City West on Saturday. If you are up for a long ride, come and check it out. I am assuming you mean Ocotillo Wells right? I will be in Ocotillo.

You guys have fun. I'll see on Halloween right?

:cry: :cry:

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