Brake / Chain swap with two sets of wheels (dirt and SM)???

I bought a used 2004 DRZS about a month ago that has 17" Talon/Excel wheels with the stock brake discs on it. I also have the stock wheels with no brake rotors. I want to buy some used rotors here or on Ebay and was wondering what other brake discs will fit. Searched the forum and found one post where Burned said RM front discs will fit but not the back. Anybody know of any others that will fit, front or back. Don't want to pay $125 a piece for new ones.

For you guys with two sets of wheels, do you swap brake pads when you change wheels? I will have stock size rotors on both wheels. Hopefully by next spring I can afford a MotoMaster front SM setup.

Also what about the CS sprocket. I want to set up the wheels with 15/41 gearing for SM set and 15/49 for the dirt set. So I'll have two chains, wondering if I could get by without changing the CS sprocket every weekend.

Thanks in advance for your help.

P.S. I am newbie here, bought my bike after lurking and searching this forum for a while. Got a whole list of things to buy thanks to you guys.

rm rear rotors work as well from 96-98 for sure.maybe even earlier.

i just got a rocky mountain catolog and they have replacement rotors for your drz for 49.99 new steel titax. i am sure TT store can do the same. i am waiting on my super moto wheels and was going to run a titax replacement on the rear and save up for the oversized rotor and caliper for the front :cry:

Another post couple of days ago mentioned that YZ/WR rotors are the same.

Here it is...

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