426 header on a 450

I think I have heard of guys putting on the older ss headers on the 450, the ti headers are like swiss cheese. I just want to know if they will fit on a 450.

It should fit the outside diameter is the same but the inner diameter is smaller on the SS 426 header. The heat shields are not interchangeable so if you want one order it with the SS header as well. The Ti header lists for $345. and the SS header is about half the price. :cry:

I put a 98WR400 header pipe on my 04 450, the only thing is the bends are different and the header pipe needs to be loosened and tilted up to change oil. I only used it for a little while til I got a SS Powerbomb SX for $147 from Discount Motorcycle Tire & Accessories - Items Page , I'd call the TT store and see if they have it cheaper first.

Well at least I know it will fit now thanks. I belive they changed the bend in 99 or 2000 so that you didnt have to move the header when changing oil. But the way mine is right now it needs to be moved up to change the filter any way.

As the others have said, it will fit. My bro-in-law put a 01 header off a YZF426 on his 03 WR450 and it fit perfectly. :cry:

I put a SS header from a 2004 yfz450(quad) on my 2003 wr450. fits great, costs less.

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