'05 lower fork gaurds on an '03 Y250F?

Can anyone tell me if the '05 YZ250F lower fork gaurds will fit on an '03? I am looking for a cr style routing bracket and Ride Engineering has a nice setup for the '05.

no they wont.

the bolt pattern is different.

Who manufactures the best bracket set-up?

The best thing is to buy the Litespeed fork protectors and use the stock bracket. Thats what I did.

Is it even fully nesicary to have a bracket there? Cant you just use the clips that are already on the top???

Light speed makes a kit that includes brake line and fork it cost 99 bucks off there web site Rick http://www.lightspeedperf.com

i think doug dubach makes a cr-style brake routing kit for 250f's...i may be wrong though. check their website.


Why do you need a kit though? Isn't the only thing you need is a brake line? The guards have clips on the top, why is a overpriced kit needed? :cry:

I'll tell you what guys, that cr routing sucks in the woods.

Twice now I have snagged a big stick with the brake line. The one time I was real lucky it didnt rip the brake line right off the bike.

Did you route the line on the inside of the fork or on the outside. The routing is supposed to go on the inside.

on the inside, the 05's have the same routing now. The problem with it is the line is not secured to the fork guard and it has enough slack and space for sticks to get wedged in between it and the guard.

This is why the lightspeed kit is nice. It does a decent job of anchoring the line. Some of the others are a bit half-assed.

Thanks for all of the input. I do have my cable routed properly for cr sytle routing. The problem is that there is no way to securely mount the cable to the fork protector so over time it loosens up (I put 2 zipties on an X pattern) and ends ended getting into the spokes and rubs on the disc and wallah...I now have a cable that is pretty chewed up. That is why the aftermarket kit is necessary. After looking at several options available, the Lightspeed kit looks like the best setup. :cry:

I got the ride engineering brake line clamp and it seems to work fine. Cost about $25-$30 which is a bit pricey. Comes in red or black.

ride engineering

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