Anyone used the Moose Easy-pull Clutch System??

No but I used a EE easy pull lever and found that having easier pull really helps save your left hand. It looks like a mechanical advantage type device. Should help?

I think its only made for 2smokes, not sure though.

I put one on my '01 426. It made the pull easier, but you have alot of access cable flopping around. It was OK, but I do not have any plans to put one on my '03. I don't think it was worth the $30.

Nevermind it is made for 4 strokes.

save your money and just drill out your stock lever. IT WORKS!

Thanks for everyones input. Satch what do you mean by drill out the stock lever?


Satch is reffering to relocating the ball end of the cable closer to the pivot of the lever giving you more mechanical advantage. You do it by drilling another hole in the lever. Some aftermarket levers even have 2-3 holes for different leverages. Be warned that you always lose something, it will take more travel since it pulls less cable, but effort will be decreased. :cry:

Exactly what Fastest said. This is not a good picture but it will give you the idea. IT WORKS...regardless of what bike you own. Here are some basic instructions:

"just drilled my lever out today and relocated the cable barrel closer to the pivot point. Made a big difference! Then lubed it all, including the barrels with TriFlow...very nice feel. I used a 21/64 bit for the main barrel hole, then an 1/8 bit to drill out and smooth the area where the cable pulls through. Careful not to drill the main hole too deep.


Also using a Honda CR clutch lever and perch will help they have a better leverage ratio than the Yamaha. I use a CR lever and it really helps.

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