I guess pigs can fly... IN BAJA!


cool pic!! guess that explains the earthquake i felt a while back...lol

Road from Mikes, right? :)

You got it! Thanks Keith for posting the picture for me.

That picture is of my buddy Chris and I hitting a cattle crossing on the back side of Mike's Sky Ranch.

Mainjet has a good eye. That spot is way out there. :)

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Nice hang time, but how was the landing? I posted the pic to my desktop at work and use it as a source of zen during the times my Colonel is yelling at me. Got any more?

A good group to ride Baja with is the UTMA every Feb. Just annual club dues and it's a pay-your-own-way-and-follow-me ride. Usually 40-60 riders and they break up into 3-4 groups and ride separate routes. No chase vehicles, just living out of your backpack for 5 days and sipping cold Pacificos along the way. They got a web site at www.utma.net. For those who always wanted to do Baja but haven't the faintest clue, this is a the group to ride with.


The landing was smooth. We were doing about 60 mph in 5th gear.

I have more pictures if you want more. I'll e-mail them to you, send me a PM with an e-mail address. I also have about 8 more Baja rides on CD's.

I have that picture as a screen saver at work.


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very nice pic! Looks like some good riding. This pic reminds me of the time I hit a set of railroad tracks doing about 80mph, except I had the nose of the bike pointed star bound! Post some more!


Mike, Very nice my friend!!! Pigs flying? That's funny. You and I both know that they're kind out there. Great picture... Im sending you a pm cause I'de like to see more. Thanks, Dan

I was just checking out the UTMA web site that Foobarr posted. It looks like a nice club. I'm not sure I would ride with them in Baja unless someone has been down there on a regular bases. No support truck, that can be a big problem in Baja. I've done Nevada club rides and the wives drove support and we were glad they did. If you loss your motor 60 miles out like I did you would know what I mean. We buy gas from the locals sometimes and if 20 bikes pulled up you would be lucky to get a gal each. Unless your a expert desert rider a tour group is the way to go.

Some of the other rides look great I wish I lived closer.

Mike - Your the guy in yellow, right?

Also, I agree with you that a huge group like that doesn't sound like any fun and if your guide doesn't ride Baja at least a half dozen times a year then most likely they really don't know where they're going. Things change very quickly down there (I'll probably catch hell from someone for saying that). And a group that size without a single support truck, oh well....

But wait a second Mike, what you said makes it sound like "tours" are only for novices....

Unless your a expert desert rider a tour group is the way to go.
We get expert riders all the time. Good riders also dig having a support truck arriving with gas, lunch, and especially all their gear each nite.

It's sooo much more fun hammering trails without a backpack full of clothes and stuff. There are many times we're lifting bikes over boulders and helping each other conquer hills and trails (and laughing at each other).

Sure novice riders have a great time riding Baja on organized rides, but so do experts!


All I got to say is that on the three trip I've been to Baja with the UTMA, it has been a class act. They might have 40-60 riders but break it up into 3+ groups base on speed and head separate directions as not to overload the hotels or gas-drum vendors scattered about.

Out of the group usually 1/2 are regulars to Baja and definitely know their way around. They should know, since they've been going down there for nearly 15 years. The organizer of the ride was a Mormon missionary to Mexico for 2 years and has about every Baja trail book and map in both english and spanish.

If you're worried about breaking down then you should have probably left the Maico back in the states. You definitely need to have a reliable bike and 2-strokes need not apply. Speaking of breaking down I actually did blow my XR 628 on day 5 and had to be towed 20 miles to Puertecitos. There my group of 15 dudes pitched in and paid a local $50 bucks to haul my sorry ass and XR POS back to San Felipe where my truck was. Just part of the adventure.

A few years ago the organizer was run down by distracted rider and broke his collarbone. One of the regulars whipped out the old satellite phone, call a San Diego medivac aircraft service and had him back in the states the same day.

One of the classiest moments was when the organizer had the San Felipe Police meet our group at the Mexicali border and about 20 vehicles got waved on through without inspection. They even had a San Felipe fire truck leading the pack and about 10 cops scattered out at the intersections of Mexicali waving us through. No **** !

If you don't like carrying some extra gear in your backpack and need a fresh set of panties everyday, then don't ride with the UTMA. But if want to experience Baja on a budget, they are the way to go. I think on my past three trips of 7 nights in Baja, I averaged about $500/trip including my own transportation cost.

Okay, that's my 2 cents and I'll just shut up now. Sounds like there's some people on this forum who make a living providing guided tours and I don't want to sound like I'm trying to steal thier business. But on the other hand the UTMA is a good club and deserve credit for putting on an excellent ride.

So that was the UFO sighting on the news? Come on, everyone knows that XR's can't fly! :) NICE photo. Thanks for sharing!


Well Bryan you just have to go fast. It's like fliing a plane. Anything will fly for you go fast enough. :):D

Yes Tim I'm the one with the Suzuki gear on. It's a bitch keeping up with bikes and gear. All my Red riding gear is worn out. I refitted myself when I bought the DRZ. I guess it's time to look for FOX sales.

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