Setup for XC / Harescrambles - 04CRF450

Any recommendations for an almost fast 200lb - 40AM XC / Harescramble / NW woods racer on a stock 04-CRF450? I searched the other posts and most of you guys are MX'ers and want stiffer suspension... RaceTech website says the stock springs are fine for trail/wood/desert… Local suspension shops are all over the board as to what’s right, including the ICS springs, re-valve, different oil, etc.. Is stock close enough and I just need to work with the fork oil, ICs springs or does a major re-work make sense for my type of riding?


I usually look around the CC races see what other guys are running in my area and start there. If someone lets you try there bike that helps alot.

I just saw a post on TT about Race Tech and Factory Connection being very good on the CRF. I personally like to deal with local shops myself. Support the local economy.


Thanks OHVrider... I have talked with the great riders of our series and they all confirm I'm nuts (or too cheap) running most of the series without modifying the stock CRF suspension. I guess I figured the upper body abuses was part of the race! :cry:

I guess its time to stop being cheap and trying to do it myself... The spring rates etc seemed to be close (via TT notes, rate calculators etc). I thought if I could just fiddle with a few more things I might save a few $$$ and get the suspension close enough.


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