what to do....

Ok right now I have a 2001 Yz250f. My dad has this new rule that I have to start paying for the bike, like repairs and what not. After wrestling season I plan on getting a job. So I cant decide wether to get the new bike or keep what I got and put money into that. I am leaning more towards the new bike but I wont be able to do any mods for a while.

What do you guys think I should do?

bikes aint a right, they're a privilage. The fact that dad cut you off says you abused that privilage.

so, get a job you ungrateful moocher.

Man I cant wait to throw that one at my kid too. :cry:

Agree. Get a job and go for the new bike. All the mods you need is a new chain. Period.

Older bikes with lots of hours on them are ticking timebombs. Costly repairs sooner or later and the value of the bike drops whatever amount of money and repairs you put down on them.

I have two kids to throw that at soon. Today they tell you they never get anything and just yesterday they got a new bike. It's like they have nothing and the neighbor's son has everything, same song every damn day. :cry: :cry:

Well my dad aint really cut me off, he works at delta and so he is getting a pay cut in January and he said that I need to help. Also he does want me to learn some good responsibilty and all. So after wrestling season I will have to get a job, but its all good I aint got nothing better to do.

dude working sucks, but you have to do it if you want money. get a job and pay for a new bike rather than getting mods for your '01. it'll be worth it.

Depends. I got a job and a new bike because my old bike was an 02 XR250. Hard to be competetive on a trail bike so I pretty much needed something. At the time I was wanting to save a little money and purchase a "new" used bike. But dad talked me into going ahead and buying a new one and he co-signed.

About 2 weeks later I take a look in the cycle trader and see an 04 yz250f with three rides on it for $1000.00 less basically because of depreciation. My bike looked no better than this one and I paid more. Now, it could have been abused in those three(claimed) rides but I suppose it would be a chance you would have to take. I don't know where I was going with this but I've come to an end. So I guess all I am saying is do what you want not what someone tells you to do. (in this situation anyhow!)

Get a job at a bike shop! It's much easier to go to work each day if it's something you like doing. :cry:

Depending on the condition of your machine of course, I would probably keep it and just maintain it. This will be far cheaper initially and will also teach you how to maintain your equipment, which in my book, is far more important than having all of the newest graphic's etc..

There is no way, that if your bike is maintained in decent shape, that your '01 is going to be holding you back in racing! Unless your racing the Nationals or are in the lead pack of your local Expert division! All of the 250F's are amazingly effective machines when ridden properly. Just maintain it regularly and you'll be better off. Maniac :cry:

Now that's good advise. :cry:

The only problem with getting a job at the shop is that they close at 6 o'clock and i get out of school at 330 and it would take me half an hour to get there so I would work for maybe one hour a day.

Hey man how old are yah? Well, what you should do is go ahead and sign up to become a Marine! Trust me on this, the money you make is yours to spend, and it isnt bad money either. i make about 1800 a month as a lance corpal, and all that i have to spend, plus we are able to get loans easlie. PLUS, we are pretty badass :cry: but, it is a great experiance, and there are ALOT of MX riders even here in Okinawa,Japan, even though thers only 2 tracks. But back in the states on the east and west coast, there are pleanty of places to ride. so think about it :cry::cry: i just got started riding, and i bought my new bike last week, and im not broke, i went to the bank, took out a loan for like 5 years, and im paying 20 dollars a paycheck for it, so all the other money i have to spend on it. so its great

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