bar risers and tall seats

I don't own a Husky yet but may one day. The TE ergos are pretty tall and spacious compared with some bikes. I have sat on a TE-450 at the dealers show room. I guess it was an 04. It had that 100 year graphics on it. The bars looked flimsy factory oem as I remember. So I would replace the bars with a bend I like. I assume I can find a universal adapter mount to fit some 1/1/8 protapers on and not have to buy a new triple clamp. But my qusetion is are there aftermarket bar risers available for the Husky TE bikes?

and while were on the Tall subject - what about replacement Tall seats?

OR am I so new to this forum, that huskys don't do bar risers and tall seats? if so that ok, but I am 6'5" and I will want to adjust or modify the bike somehow to get more room in the cockpit, get the bars out of my lap and taller up and further out cause I ain't no 185 lb 5'11 average size guy that they make these bikes for.

I'm just the opposite of you...being 5-8 but I know they make tall seats because a buddy of mine got one for his 510. He also put on after-market bars but I don't know which brand or whats mods he needed to accomodate them...

I know they make bar clamps for the pro tapers,I've talked to a couple dealers that said they could order them call Summit cycles in Grandview MO. 1-816-525-7223,or Halls in Illinois 217-789-0107 or Uptite Husqvarna in Santa Ana CA 714 540 2920 if anybody would know George at Uptite would! I weigh 230 ,and 6'1" tall,and my son is 6' 4",and weighs 280,we ride '01,and '02 570's,the stock bars are tougher than they look he goes down pretty hard sometimes,and hasn't bent em yet,but he did bend the bars on the 360.The 570's we ride have a taller feeling seat than the newer models(my opinion),and really don't need any taller. Ask them about taller seats for the '04,and '05 4 strokes!They might be able to help you!

Those bars are NOT flimsy. The aluminum tubing is thicker than any aluminum bar on the market. In fact, if you want to mount handguards, you'll need to drill the end of the bars or the aluminum fasteners won't even slid inside. Replace them for comfort or style, but not for strength.


ok thanks....guess that bar question is its own question and you've answered it for me............still I will want more room and moving the bars or replacing them with an adapter and a higher sweep bar would be my aim to get the room.

now I know the stock bars are strong.


I went with the fast by ferracci bar clamp and pro tapers,the clamp can be turned around in the forward position to open up the cockpit. Im 6'5 and weigh 205lbs I havent got a seat kit yet but was thinking about it.I changed the rear spring 5.8 I think.

hey BigBob,

The factory bars are pretty sturdy but I converted to Fat Bars so I could get open up cockpit (6'2" 200lbs). I went with Pastrana Freestyle bars (extra tall) and TAG CR/KX Fat bar Adapters (part# 4098). When you install the TAG adapters, the post will press out the metal sleeve in the stock rubber bushings. The TAG mounts are offset so you can move the bars +/- 10mm (might be 5mm) so it totally opened the feel of the bike.

GUTS Racing makes standard or tall, soft or firm seat foam and covers for the Husky's. I think you can order the cover from them but if you want a tall seat, you have to UPS the seat to them. Right now I am running a Factory Effex B3 Ballistic seat which is killer but it would be a little nicer if it was taller/softer. I sent them a seat for my VOR 530 Enduro on a Monday and it was back on my doorstep on Friday. Very cool bunch if guys.

later, Rick

thanks rick, just what I needed to know that there are options to open up the bars and raise the seat...all good news.

I rode a CRF-250X today with some height adapters and aftermarket bars that gave me good room. the bars felt good relative to the bike and seating/standing positions for me on that bike, but the over all the back half tailend of the bike is just too small framed for me...and power is good but not right for me and even mild hill climbing.. I decided today the 250 4 strokes are too small for a big guy like me. That means yes the 450 and 510, 525 size bikes are very much my market.

looking forwad to test riding a husky one day as I know a couple owners.

I'm 6'3" and well fed at 235lbs and the BRP top clamp and Guts tall seat did the trick for me. I also changed to the Windham high Pro Taper and have all the room I need. I have seen others who also cut the footpeg spacer off the top and reweld it on the bottom but I didnt need that, so the room is there if you need it :cry:

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