As if this question won't give it away, I'm new to this stuff. What is the snorkel, why does everyone remove it, and how do I go about taking it off?

My (un)educated guess: The little tube that goes from the airbox bypassing the carb to the cylinder head?

Search results produced plenty of recommendations for removing the snorkel, but I couldn't find any "how & why". Thanks.

choose your model.

You want the snorkel out just yank it out..thats all there is to it..but yes like burned says got to what you need.

Thanks for the info guys- Since this will require jetting mods I'll leave it alone for now. Burned thanks for the link, it was very helpful. Where can I get the UFO taillight and all those cool black plastics? I may not have the mech. skills to tune it up, but I can still make it look good.

You can get all that stuff either through Thumpertalk or Parts Unlimited.

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