SenDec Hour Meter (Ebay)

Hey guyz...looked on ebay tonight after reading some posts, and found the SenDec hour/tach meter for $27.95, Then i went to the sendec website and it says not to be used in machines with oil filter? Im very confused~ also, it has a max rpm reading of 7,000 RPMS, nowhere past it? someone please help me out, im not getting it....thank Pete :cry:

Haven't got mine yet........I hope it works!!!

Don't you know that the oil filter bone is connected to the spark plug wire bone??

Well, 9999 rpm will not cover your rev spectrum.

Mine goes to 19,000 rpm I think (I THINK), and my 450SX tops out at 100080 RPM's according to the max RPM feature on my Sendec.

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