Top triple clamp bent?

Ok on my last ride I some how managed to bend my bars, or so I thought. I ordered a new set of Tag's I put them on, then looked down. This is when I saw that the brace on the new Tag's appears to be further forward on the right side clamp. The I know I have the top of the clamps facing forward, I know the bars are straight. What I dont know is what could be bent causing this difference in the alingment. Any ideas?

Nevermind the plate for the key raises the bolt causing an illusion. I hate it when I answer my own questions. :cry:

i think the top clamp is pretty cheasy. layed mine down w/pro tapers & instead of bars bending the top triple clamp bent slightly.

Did you loosen the triple clamp pinch bolts and align the fork tubes in the clamps after the crash? MOst often the tubes get twisted on the clamps in a crash like that.

dint loosen the clamp bolts,just put the wheel against a rock & put it back to straight.but i can see a slight bend in the clamp.real slight.i plan on checking the bearings soon so i'll look @ everything closer then.

Now that you are home do the job properly and loosen the pinch bolts and let the front end find the correct postion. Go and push it straight against a wall and then re-torque the pinch bolts down. If you did in fact bend the top triple clamp then you should win an award of some kind. Cast aluminum doesn't bend very well, it is usually too brittle.

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