Spark Plug Wrench

Do u have any basic tools? I just use an extention and whatever size that socket is... spark plug socket

But yea, that looks like it would work. As long as its the right size.

it will work but i dont think that will help u get around from taking the tank off to change the plug if thats what ur thinking. if u do find the right socket that works though post it so i can see it cuz i hate having to take the tank off just to check or change my plug.

I wasn't sure if I could get to the plug without removing the tank. So I guess I'll use a wratchet and an extension but what size are those plugs? 18mm? I'm not sure how big my sockets go up to.


So no one thinks I'm a nit wit, my RM-Z250 is on the ship and I'm try'n to outfit my garage for its arrival.

Ya know, it’s like getting ready for a new baby come’n home.

I wouldn't buy one til you get the bike. My bike came with the spark plug socket. I think any way you look at it you have to take the tank off to get the plug. With the amount of space they left right there, that looks to be the only way. I would buy another spoke wrench though. The one that comes with the bike is the wrong size. :cry:

I use an adjustable wrench for the spokes, just make sure you don't round off the nipples. The spark plug is 5/8, well at least the 5/8 wrench works fine with it. I have the one that came with all the craftsmen tools, it has the nice rubber in it so you can actually pull the plug out of that crater it's in :cry:. Make sure what you buy has the rubber insert too otherwise you will spend a while pulling out the plug. The most common sizes on the bike are 8 and 10mm sockets, i believe it is a 6mm allen wrench that is required for the valve cover (it could be a 5mm but i'm pretty sure it's a 6mm) just make sure your wife doesn't see any bills from your shopping. :cry:

RMZ_250_racer you post very similar to Dirtmachine and Dirtmachine2. Coincidence you registered yesterday and already have 16 posts?? Careful of moderators and good luck.

really? i never met the guy, i'll do my best to stay within the rules.

The Motion Pro socket will work but it drags on the valve cover gasket when you try to pull the plug up out of the head.

The socket that comes with your bike works fine.

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