05 suspensin is really screwed up?

what up with the 05 suspension? the owners manual says the forks are sprung for a 150 to 160 lb rider. which is me at 158. they dont say what the shock is rated for but i got my race sag at 90mm and the free sag is already over is 25mm max. recomended tolerance. that is the setting it came with. what weight is the shock made for.

Boy, your sure having a time with your '05. I'll take it off your hands. I'm feeling generous :cry:

Why do you have the sag set at 90mm? Are you trying to get the free sag at optimum? 97-100mm is what most ride with, and 30mm of free sag is fairly normal and adequate (stock springs). The rear spring has progressively gotten stiffer in 02, 03 and 04. I'm not sure about the 2005, no one over 170 has bought one yet, and all seem stoked about the 05 suspension. The rear should be matched for a 160-170lb. rider, so I would set the race sag at even 95-98mm and see where you are.

I will find out what the stock 2005 rear spring is and get back to you, but you may have to go up a notch on the spring to achieve a perfect 97mm/25mm split.

I stand corrected. :cry:

Ive wondered the same thing the book says forks are set up for 150-160 but race tech says a stock crf450 springs are good for 210lbs front and rear. :cry:

yzb, I know what you mean. I weigh 180 with gear. I too, noticed the manual said it is "about right" for a 150-160 lb. rider. But, after setting my race sag to 100mm, as suggested in the manual, I still have a little over the standard free sag (I'm at about 26mm I think, the manual says 11-25mm is ideal)!? With this result, the manual says the spring is too stiff for me!? What gives? I thought the stock spring rate was "about right" for a 150-160 lb. rider? I don't know, but there has to be a misprint or something. Because, if a 150 lb. rider set the bike up correctly, the free sag would be about 40mm!!! That would be WAY off!! From what I have deduced from my setup, I feel the rear spring rate was designed for 185-195 lb. riders. This weight would put the race/free sag right on the money. All in all, I am pretty happy, though. It works pretty well with my weight at 100mm race sag, so that is all that matters to me. But, I agree that the "about right" for 150-160 lb. riders stuff is very suspect... :cry:

I'm glad you posted this, I was going to, but I thought everyone would think I was crazy. Or maybe I thought I was crazy...or something... :cry:

Unless I read this wrong, his race sag is at 90mm, if preload was added to the spring, that number would decrease. I didnt think Hondas reacted too well to 90mm of race sag, I settled on 100mm for me, I weigh 215 w/o gear, and I was able to get clsoe to the right amount of free sag, which was weird to me.....


Unless I read this wrong, his race sag is at 90mm, if preload was added to the spring, that number would decrease. I didnt think Hondas reacted too well to 90mm of race sag, I settled on 100mm for me, I weigh 215 w/o gear, and I was able to get clsoe to the right amount of free sag, which was weird to me.....


Correct - he would REMOVE preload.

I weigh 183, and my static is at 24mm, race is at 97mm with a one step LIGHTER spring (5.3). Bike is perfect for off-road. I have no idea how it would perform on an MX/SX track. I am also on step lighter in the front .45 vs .47.

I smell a troll :cry:

Give it some time to break in. I'd put 2-3 hours and recheck all settings. The spring will give some and your valving shims will smooth out too.

Check your linlage and make sure all is well lubed so there isn't any drag. You also might get different settings when the shock is hot versus cold.

DUH! You're right... That will teach me not to post when I've had too little sleep. :cry:

That is weird. Sounds like Honda needs to update their manual. :cry:

if i go to 100 mm of race sag i have to "soften the spring up" right? in order to get more race sag you turn the spring counter clockwise. ok. then the spring would be softer so my free sag would even increase more because the spring would no longer be able to even hold up the bike. i know i would never run 90 but if i goto 100 i will have over50 mm of free sag. they say 25 mm is tops or your spring is too stiff. i am wonder if the owners manual has a misprint in saying the forks are for a 150 to 160 lb rider, even thou i know they droped the front spring rate by one for 05. ok this still doesnt explain why the rear wouldnt match it. as for working good , i am sure it will however i thought my 03 with factory connection suspension was good untill one day i got 15 lbs of mud on it and the suspension was unbelievable. i had stock springs and weigh 158, they were just too stiff.

JIMBO45, you said it exactly right. the rear spring might be for 170 lb rider acording to factory connection. who knows?

I'm coming in at 192lb. I have hit a few huge jumps w/the stock suspension. I feel the rear suspension is really nice and VERY compliant to my riding style, plus I

have not bottomed yet either. Will do some sag measures tonight.

The 05 is definitely not screwed up though!!

Interesting.........I am sending my suspension to FC next week. I spoke to Steve Ross on the phone and asked for spring rates etc, for me so I can buy them at tmy dealer at a discount rate and ship with the forks & shock. He told me to get .48 for th forks and 5.6 for the rear. I weigh 195 and am a Vet Int. I was seat bouncing a step up last race and was able to completely bottom the shock on the face of the jump................

I weigh 195 also and FC told me a 5.7 would be too stiff thay did say a 5.6 would be good but not sure if i could tell between a stock 5.5 and and 90 dollar 5.6?But a was told a stock spring is + or - 5percent and could be a 5.3 or up to a 5.7 so getting an aftermarket spring rated for 5.6 would be a 5.6. :cry:

You can SEE the difference between the stock 5.5 and Honda's 5.3 replacement. There is a noticeable difference in the diameter of the spring material.

I just bought an '05 CRF450 and weigh 190. Can you give me some suggestions for setting up my suspension. I ride mostly MX and am an aspiring (probably too aggressive)novice. What's the quick and easy way to get started without getting out the video camera, etc. Anyone weigh the same and have some suggested settings? Thanks for your help.



Dont worry about what the manual says, set it up with 100mm of sag, if you have over 30mm of static sag, you need a softer sping. Also you may think about softer fork springs to balance it out if you go to a softer spring. The manual is not always acurate, a tape measure is.

I weight 175 and set my sag to 98mm after than all the measurments in the owners manual matched up

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