Applied fork springs and front brake set?

Has anyone ridden with the applied heavy fork springs? how do they work? also, does anyone have applieds front brake set? i need to know if the cable that comes with it is any longer than the stock cable.

I have the front and rear Applied springs. If you can't afford the better suspesions then this will do, but the bike is a little bit like a pogo stick. Don't get me wrong.... it's 100 times better with the springs then without them. After you install them the forks make a loud "CLACKING" noise when they rebound. That's normal... it scared the crap out of me at first. The install is easy and the bike doesn't bottom out from just sitting on it anymore. Good luck.

Get some progressive springs instead of the straight rate springs.They are alot nicer.And while you are changeing the springs out put in some derlin fork bushings because the h/d springs really eat the stock bushings quickly.

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