countershaft splines

Well, this really stinks, I mean big time. The splines on my countershaft that hold the front sproket are stripped out to the max. One fella on xrlug said its a $1250 project for the dealer. He did say that Honda picked up about a $1000 of it because the bike was only a year old. My bike is about 1 1/12 years old. Does anyone know what is involved in replacing this? Has anyone else had this problem, or does anyone know how to get Honda involved?



Toast, what happened?? Did the lock ring come loose & the sprocket moved sideways slipping into the groove? I think you have better recourse with Honda if you have the stocker 15t sprocket still on your XRL...if you've changed it they might go down the "modification from stock" road & shut you down for possible warranty repair. I noticed when I changed to a 14t front that it seated alot looser than the stocker, & you really have to keep an eye on the lock ring bolts. You may have better luck with Honda also if you've had the dealer perform any of the scheduled services. I can't believe the countershaft splines would strip from just raw torque/accel/decel...if they did, Honda should make it right no charge. Good luck with the project!

I talked with 4 or 5 people from xrlug that have had the same problem. One fella said that he was cruising down the highway and his bike went to neutral. He thought his clutch cable broke. He pulled the sprocket cover off and found that the splines were all grinded off!

Toast, sounds like a warranty issue for sure!! It has to be a weak casting, fatigue situation if this is happening to other XRL owners...Keep us posted on your results...this is something Honda should know about & deal with!

I was surprised not to see more info on this when I did a search, but then here is this thread...

This problem was probably caused by a low quality front sprocket.

My XR has only 3500 miles on it. The previous owner bought a "LeMans" (low quality) 14t sprocket and put it on early in the life of the bike. Like you say, either the spline fit loose with this sprocket, or even more likely the sprocket was softer than it should have been. I have access to a metal testing lab, I will let you guys know what I find out, i'll test a Honda one too. So this LeMans sprocket has almost no teeth left on the inside, but on the outside it's still pretty good after about 3000 miles.

Lesson to be not go cheap on countershaft's not worth the $5 you save!

I have "band-aided" my partially worn countershaft by putting a new AFAM 14T on, reversed. If you reverse the sprocket, there will be more of it towards the inboard side of the shaft where the splines aren't worn. The keeper is then shimmed up (spacers between the sprocket and the keeper) and longer bolts are used. I'm sure this is a temporary fix, hoping it will get me by until winter. I plan on doing the procedure myself, might accidently mill the head for higher compression and do a bit of port work while it's apart.

Checked with Honda, the shaft is about $125.

Motometal-do your mods to the head because it makes a hell of a difference, take it from me, my XR can lick the WR!!! :)

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