I've lost my rear brake and have a new brake line on the way, some have said this will do the trick, although others have said its probably the Piston Kit for the Rear Master Cylinder. I have an 02 CRF450R and I completely lost the petal, but after hours of bleeding, I've built up some pressure. The bike being on the stand, the wheel once spun will stop quickly if the rear brake lever is pressed quickly, However if you press it slowly it will go all the way to the bottom and wheel won't stop. Also, the brake doesnt work well when I'm riding, heck it doesnt work much at all. My new one should be in tommorow, but please offer some advise and if you've dealt with this problem before! Thanks and God Bless :cry:

What you descibe is exactly what happens when the rear brake master cylinder seal is toast. Order a rear master cylinder seal kit and you'll be set. :cry:

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