spoke wrench

Does anyone know the size of spoke wrench I need for the front wheel, and also where I can buy one?

Second question. Does the spokes seem to need tighten much? How often do you all check them?

I check mine a couple of times a month, just squeeze check em. Very rarely have I had to tighten em. Don't know the spoke nipple size, but I just bought a 6 in 1 spoke wrench, fits most everything.

How do you know if they are loose by squeezing them? A friend of mine squeezed a few of my spokes and said they were loose. They do flex abit, but isn't that normal?

Well, I'm no expert but I don't get much flex when I squeeze mine. I'm not talkin about using all the force you can muster, just a firm squeeze. As you work around the wheel you'll notice that most pairs of spokes flex about the same. If a pair flexes more than the others you just found a loose spoke.

The 6 in 1 spoke wrench looks like a small double ended tuning fork. Each end is stepped in three times so that each end fits three size spoke nipples. Can't remember who makes it, but it's pretty cheap. Cheaper and smaller than the single size spoke wrench I had before, and it's come in handy when I ride with others who have different bikes.

I use a screwdriver to hit the spopkes like a tuning fork. The tight spokes will "ting" and the loose spokes will sound different or "dead".

Hope this helps.

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