Clutch Question

hey guys i my yzf250 clutch is acting up. its adjusted with the right amount of play. and it seems to work just fine but when its in gear and i pull in the clutch it seams not to disengage all the way. i mean every thing else works when i go to start off its fine its just when i try to start it or push it when its in gear and i hold in the clutch its like it dosnt disingage. im just wonderin if it like the clutch is bad or somthing because i got the money now to fix it up for the next race season.

thanks alot for the help.

My bike stalls if I dont rev up the engine when i shift into first. Even on the stand, when the bike is off, in first, and the lever in, the tire wont rotate. The clutch is grabbing, even when it's all the way in.

My bike only has 20 hours on it too, so it can't be the clutch going bad. My bro says his bike does the same too.

but mine never did it before its a 01 yz250f and i could start it in gear all the time when i held in the clutch until just recently.

It's not hard to open up the clutch and inspect it. Look for signs of damage such as notches pounded into the basket or inner hub by the plates, warped plates or plates with battered dogs, springs with differing free lengths, plates that look or smell burned, etc. Fix whatever you find.

If you don't see anything that stands out, try something stupid like stacking them back in in a different order, facing the opposite direction (except for the innermost and outermost ones).

If that doesn't work try switching to a different engine oil and see what that does.

YZF and WRF have notoriously draggy clutches. That's why the faq talks about the "washer fix". This cures the problem in some bikes, and simple adjustment cures it in other (like mine, I was lucky). Most people who still have the problem after those fixes end up spending $75 on a set of Moose plates and that gives them relief. However a few have to go as far as buying a Hinson clutch basket. Check out for more on other ways to fix it. From reading this fourm, I think the Moose plates are about the best bet.

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