Husky Memorial Ride

Tried to post the ride under "Events" but keep getting an error, so I thought I'd post the ride here, because I can't think of better company than a bunch of KLXers! Don't have a firm date yet, just looking for somebody to help me verify my GPS route for the ride. It's a 40-mile loop of intermediate terrain in the Mojave desert northeast of Kramer's Junction (US 395 and Hwy 58). The friends of a guy who passed on buried his Husky in the desert and scattered his ashes around the bike. Over the years, many other riders have asked their friends to do the same for them. It's pretty impressive site -- especially the first time you ride up, get off your bike and put your eyes on the Husky and all those plaques around the bike. Makes no difference to me whether you do or do not have a GPS. I just don't like to ride alone. If you'd like to learn how to use a GPS to follow a route, so much the better. I'll teach you what I've learned. For detailed info on the proposed ride, goto, then click "Rides" and "Husky Memorial" ...

Billy Dean

(760) 343-0605

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