High Comp. piston

hey i am going to rebuild my bike this winter and put a new piston in it and i was wondering if i put in a pro circuit high compresion piston in it if i would have to run race gas in it to prevent pre detionation due to the higher compresion. and i do not wanna do that because i dont have the money to be buyin race gas lol.

No regular pump is fine. Just use the highest octane you can find.

12.5 to 1 isn't high enough for you??? :cry: Are you planning on installing a glow plug and running diesel fuel? :cry:

dont go dissin higher compression. It makes the bike growl. :cry:

I imagine its a Wiesco piston.

I would get it from Forward Motion. While you are at you should get the 262 kit. Mine uses pump gas with no problem.

I bet the TT store could get it for you.

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