mnting world hand guards: cltch same from 650r to 400r?

i'm mounting some acerbis world hand guards on my xr 400. i'm using the cr250 mounting kit. the right side hand guard went on with no problems.

however, the left hand side is giving me trouble since the collared bolt they sent will not set inside the perch or the clutch looks like the barrel is too thick. i tried to use the stock collared bolt but it is not long enough to clear the additional plastic from the mounting kit.

my options are to try and find a longer collared bolt with enough thread to get a nut on the end.

or to try the xr650 mounting kit which is assume would come with a hardware set more identical to the xr400.

has anyone had experience trying to make the world hand guards work on an xr 400?

can anyone tell me if the clutch and lever are the same between the 650r and the 400r?


i'll post this on both forums.


clutch perch, meant to say clutch perch.

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