Silencer repack questions

I bought a PMB end cap and figured now would be an ideal time to repack the silencer on my '02. The stock end cap came off easily enough, but now how do I get the old packing out? All the other silencers I've ever repacked, the core comes out with the end cap and you simply wrap it in packing, stuff it back in and roost. But the CRF silencer seems to be the opposite, the core stayed in. Do you have to drill out the other end to get the core out? Any tips would really help since I'm leaving on a week long riding trip and need to get this back together ASAP. Thanks!

I saw in a mag them packing a center core of a paper towel roll. Then they slipped the paper tower cardboard roll with packing wired on onto the mufflers inside core. then slipping the cardboard roll out and leaving the packing inside the muffler.

On mine (04) the core (perf-metal pipe) was welded to the mid pipe. So yes I did drill out the rivits on the other end of the muffler and pulled it all apart. Never tried the paper towel roll trick or the hacksaw trick.. I figured a few minutes with a drill and pop rivit gun was faster then trying to pull all the cooked on stuffing out.

Check out they are from my home town and are big into muffler packing.They helped a club of ours with noise problems. Cool guys that are realy into dirt bikes. They make a packing cartrige that you just slide in. Most shops should be able to get them for you.

Good luck!


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