Extended warranties

I just bought an 04' dr650e and have a week to decide on the 5yr extended warranty offered from Marin Cycleworks. What do you guys think of these types of warranties? Thanx, Ed

Get some info on the bike and see if people have problems with it that are common. If it's something big, get it. :cry:

Another thing to look at is what it covers. When I got my 230, they wanted to sell me one, but I said no way. The warrenty covered things that normally don't go wrong, and they will only replace it under manufacturing defent, not a crash.

Sometimes they are stupid, but sometimes they are good. Just do your homiework and you'll be good to go. :cry:

I figure it like this. If they really want to see me that extended warrantie then there product must usually last that long. If say 2 years cost $400 would that pay for the parts? Because that is all they really pay for. I can do the labor myself. Warranties are like insurance. If you have to use it you have really already payed for it.

Yamaha has just started offering theeir extended warranty for the 4 stroke motocross bikes. Imagine that full bore race bikes with a factory warranty of 4 years.

I bought it for 2 reasons. 1: I do anything at all to cause it to frag, and I get a new motor for free. 2: When I sell it, I can transfer the warranty to the new owner for free, and that will alone sell the bike for a higher price.

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