NJORVP 10/20/04 Hooky Pictures

Well...here they are...it was wet, muddy, and fun!

Tim, Jay, and Brad talking about something remotely related to riding


Beezer trying to decide "should I do another lap or should I light a cuban"


Tim (drtbkr188) either adjusting his chain ...or pooping on his van...we weren't sure:


Jay and Brad again talking about something possibly related to riding...or maybe things that start with R or A or B or c....


Me (flyinguitars) trying to finish the bag of cheetos before the little siamese beezer twin who lives on my back reaches around to get the last one. Two hours of sleep, a bag of cheetos, TT pals and Mud....the only way to ride!


The crew:left to right Flyinguitars, Beezer, Drtbkr188, docstrangelove, fireftr301.


Great pics Mike. Though I think the Doc and I are standing in a hole in that last pic.....


Cant wait to do it again..... :cry:

WOW! Nice pics!

I never knew Jerry Garcia rode dirtbikes. :cry:

Nice pics, Mike. Wish i could of been there.

Yeah Brad, Tim is one fast dude.

How muddy was the track? Was it soaked or just a little slick. If it was soaked i hope it drys up for tomarrow.

i think all of our boots are still drying out, so to anwser, yeah the tracks were soaked good but they werent horrible. It was really fun to slide around for a while....

And oh, Tim is fast but if you can ride next to him, start talking about his 50's, he'll slow down!!!

:cry: :cry: :cry:


dood, tim is so cool but he looks 1979, hes practically arcahic and he rides mx! my dads probably 10 yrs younger then him and he cant even walk!

dood, tim is so cool but he looks 1979, hes practically arcahic and he rides mx! my dads probably 10 yrs younger then him and he cant even walk!

Awesome Pictures. Wish we could track our way down to South Jersey every weekend to ride. :cry:

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