anyone use this stuff fact or friction? :cry:

Sounds similar to "Engine Ice" :cry: which by the way, I swear by.

i use engine ice also,and think its great(luckily its non-toxic also)my dog just ate my overflow tank w/coolant(while i was working on my shock),so instead of putting it back i'm looking for ways to keep cooler.this stuff is an oil additive with no friction modifiers(clutch safe) that drops engine temps dramatically under race conditions? also anyone know where to get this 1.6kg cap i keep hearin about? :cry:

Stuffs freakin expensive!! Just get some engine ice and have no worries.

i use engine ice also, also anyone know where to get this 1.6kg cap i keep hearin about? :cry:

they say 2 oz. to a quart of oil,if it really works an extra $6 per oil change isn't anything too extravagent(one less sixpack) :cry: well i broke down and ordered some from mx south they use it in their mx race bikes and swear by it,found the cap too (kx 500) will let you know how the new snake oil works,i'm kinda curious about how its gonna react with the rekluse? :cry:

Check out this thread on Two2cool the little KTM's have always been prone to excessive heat, and the mini Dad's swear by it! :cry:

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