Aluminum overflow tank.

Man look at this page its the 7x10 tank pic fits right behind the shroud! Sweet!!

wow. that thing is cool. i want one, if only i could read half that site. :cry: that oil tank is cool too.

I trail ride my 02 CRF450R. Some of the trails are very steep mountain type. On occasion I have blown the water

out of my radiator. I have heard of several "cures". But the

one I selected was the overflow bottle from a 2004 CRF250X.

It mounts to the subframe, in nearly the same place as the CRF250X. I cut out a small plate and bolted the tank to the plate then to the subframe. Position it toward the front of the rear wheel well. I have a ProMoto Billet kick stand that

I installed. The tank is positioned to just clear the kick stand in the up position. I ran a new over flow hose to the bottom of the tank, the tank over flow hose goes up and forward so the water will not empty out if the bike is tipped over. The side number plate reinforcment ribs have to be trimed, but the installation works well. If it does over flow, I just stop and turn the bike into the wind and take a five to ten minute break, the water then gets sucked back into the radiator, and you are ready to proceed.

If any one wants to see how I did the installation, E-mail me at

That tank looks perfect. The thing that I really liked is that bash plate. Is that stuff in the White Bros. catalog?

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