Any Albuquerque riders?

A few friends and I were thinking of driving over from Amarillo Nov. 6-7 to ride the Cedro trails. Anyone willing and know that area well enough to play guide? Thanks,


I do, but am going to Phoenix NASCAR (my first) that weekend. :cry: It can be a little cold up there, but daytime temps should be 50-60.

On a motorcycle, it's not really that big of an area and you shouldn't have too much trouble navigating with the big antenna on top of Cedro Peak. :cry:

I live on the edge of the forest there... riding is excellent but there are two problems...

1)tons of mountain bikers on the weekends

2)we will be getting 10 inches of snow tonight. the mud there is like gorilla snot..

you might get lucky and things will dry up. you looking for single track? there are alot of other places to ride around here.

Aaron, did you still get 10" of snow? I've been watching the weather channel and I can't tell that area got anything at all. I think we got it here. I think if it's dry, my bud and I are gonna make it a 1 day trip to drive over, ride then head home.

nope, conditions look great for this weekend :cry:

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