Whats the standard Fork oil weight in a 02???

I need to re-oil the forks, whats the standard weight oil for the 02???


Per my Factory manual you pour 189 CC or 6.4 oz of Honda 5w

or equlivelent into the DAMPER section, then slowly pump the shaft up and down to bleed out the air. BE CAREFUL do not bend the damper rod!! Once the air is out you add enough oil to have betwen 5 and 10 mm fluid off the inner upper flange. You then install the upper fork spring assy into the top of the damper. You then tighten the upper assy into the damper. The 50 mm special wrench really helps.

You then put the main spring back into the fork and install the damper into the fork and install the aluminum "D" tube back into the bottom of the damper and tighten the mounting bolt to the bottom of the damper. It is almost impossible to do this without the piston base described in the manual. It can be done, but what a pain. I recomend you either buy one or make one per the manual. After the bottom bolt is tightened to the damper, you tighten it into the bottom of the fork after removing the piston base, (keeper). You then pour in 449 cc or 15.2 oz to 356cc or 12 oz of oil into the main fork I set mine half way in between. You can not measure the main fork oil level, you have to go by volume. Honda says to use five weight oil.

I use Ultra Slick ONE. It can be obtained from RaceTech. BE

warned though. It is REALLY tempature stable, BUT it costs

about $32.00 PER QUART!!

the outer chamber is mostly for lubrication ... you can use super slick motor oil in the outer chamber.

I used 0-20W Mobil 1 synthetic in my friends fork rebuild. A LOT cheaper and supposedly reduces stiction.

Do a search on here for discussions on the topic: "fork oil"

Motor oil in the outer chamber is amazing at reducing friction. You'll feel the difference within feet on the first ride...

Ive been using Mobile1 synthetic ATF lately though. Works great. And it runs cleaner than the motor oil for some reason. I have no idea how or why the motor oil would get as dirty as it did as quickly as it did, but it did.

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