BBR bar kit question

I am in the process of putting bbr bars on my crf 50 and i can't figure out how the throttle cable is supposed to go back in there :cry: HELP ME PLEASE !!!!!!! :cry:

The throttle cable in where?the Tube or the carb?

well i at least got the throttle cable on there and working...

Now, There isnt much movement in the throttle tube from idle to full throttle.. anyone no how to fix this...

I got the bike to start and then it dies it ran for about 15 seconds and then when i give it gas it dies.

Please help!!! going racing sunday and i need my toy :cry:

make sure the need is seating correctly in the carb.. sometimes the plunger will get turned around by accident.. that little bevel cut in it has to face the right direction.

mind you, there isnt much play in the throttle anyway.

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