Ok, after riding a friends SM last week I decided its time to buy. I have been looking for a new bike for about a year now and decided to go for the large thumper so I can use it for both SM and MX. I have narrowed it down to either the 05 CRF450 or 05 YZF450, which one makes a better SM bike? I was leaning towards the CRF and its 5 speed transmission but I can get the yz for about $1000 less, any thoughts?

That is a lot of coin...In fact, that takes care of the rims right there by itself, plus 75% of a trick master cylinder, or your first set of Maxxis tires...(ebay).

The bike of choice is the CRF, however I honestly could not say whether or not it would be better for you. Doug Henry simply blazed on one, and had fewer mechanicals...Partly due to his crew I am sure, and there are a few fellas on this list doing the Nats on them and they are right up there with the red bikes.

If it was me...I would pocket the $1K and ride blue. But then again, I have a red bike, love it, and am not that fast on it.


i spoke to one of the suspension guy here. He told me that the CRF450 simply corners and handles alot better than a YZ450. He even said that the YZ426 has better cornering and handling abilites as compared to the YZ450.I have never ridden a YZ450 before so can't really speak from personal experience. The line up grid on most motard bikes are CRFs and KTMs. I personally would go with the CRF. :cry:


I'm curious as to what advantages the YZF has over the WR as a supermoto conversion bike. Any comments?

Well i found the Wr450 has more engine breaking and the suspensions just miles to soft obviously with it being made as a enduro/trail bike.

I also prefered the 426 to the yz450 as well but i only rode all these in mx not in supermoto trim.

I just had the same thing pointed at me which 450 to race? i have never even ridden a CRF450 but i have the yam 450 yet i'm going to pick my CRF up in a few days time!

The CRF has more companys making goodies out there to bolt on but the Yamaha has the motor all over the Honda. the Yamaha also has less head shake than the Honda. The most popular is the Honda but I think If Henry stayed on the Yamaha there would be a more equal numbers of both out there.

Look for more Blue in 05'.

what advantages the YZF has over the WR as a supermoto conversion bike

It's lighter, revs faster, has a different ignition curve, and has different cams.

CRF all the way. You'll never look back....

$1000 will cover the cost of your wheels and a good part of your front brake cost.

Stock Yamaha hubs are dirt cheap if you go that route.

I've got a CRF450, and its pretty sweet, but if i did it again, i'd get a WR450. the wide ratio tranny is what you really want, and the WR has less maintenance. THe CRF you really have to work on it a lot, and it gets into your riding time sometimes. The Yammy valves seem to last longer as well. You also get a lighting coil for your lights, and it'll be cheaper and simpler to get it insured, since it already kind of looks like it could be street legal.

I have both, a 2003 CRF and a 2001 WRF

The CRF is great on the track, but I cant see myself liking anything better than my WR for ripping around on the streets and canyons, plus like he said, it comes with the lighting coil, and a brake/tail light already installed.

You can then buy a few inexpensive components from Baja Designs to rig a battery, headlight and turn signal switches and be set for street (legal) madness.

Same old story "what bike is better" the truth is both bikes are great and for 05 they are even better. The best way to find out is if you can ride both, I could go into details about the bikes but that will never get you the feel of the way they handle and they both have a different feel. Some guys are just Honda guys and Yamaha riders Yamaha guys. Also having a good dealer is a huge deal when you need parts and sevice and support. I have seen all to much guys buying a bike and the dealer not knowing or stocking parts that you need. Find a shop that is enthusiastic about racers they will be the most help to you.

$1000.00 bucks sure will by you a lot of Supermoto parts!!! :cry:


ty.... you rode my bike, you loved it. since i got the even better deal today, get the crf. we both work at shops and we get great deals. the crf is the way to go.

what kind of deal are we talking about dan, is it new from friday?

05 crf450 6500 otd

It's lighter, revs faster, has a different ignition curve, and has different cams.

Well the ignition curve gets changed to YZ ignition timing by cutting one wire, and its already cut on non-US bikes. The only changes you need to make to the engine are the cams and exhaust. Most people change the exhaust anyway and changing cams will be way cheaper than a new tranny, as i'm sure you can confirm. The only other change would be the suspension, but most people change that anyway. Any thing i'm missing?

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