WARNING 650 L Riders!!!

Make sure you check out your countershaft splines as often as you can. There are several XRL owners that have had their splines grind down to nothing! The countershaft is what your front sproket is bolted on to. If you notice any minor to major wear on the countershaft itself, replace your front sprocket ASAP! This problem is due to poor design (my opinion of course). The XRL countershaft is a free floating design. This is not good for a hard hitting thumper. It cost around $1200 to fix because the dealer has to pull the motor and basically do a rebuild in order to pull the shaft and replace it. Please read the countershaft splines thread for more information.

Also, I would add DO NOT BUY A CHEAP OR LOW QUALITY COUNTERSHAFT SPROCKET! Honda is first choice, other than that make sure you get one that is hardened. A sharp file shouldn't "bite" on the inner splines of the sprocket, if it does the teeth are too soft.

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