Brake Line and Guide

Do you guys have problems with your front brake line wearing out the guide on the left side if you are sitting on the bike? It also wears a flat side into my previously round plastic casing over the front brake line. I have tried electrical tape, but that wears through eventually. Does anybody else have any suggestions or fixes? Possibly a different guide that mounts on the front number plate instead of clamping on the triple clamp?

Yes, my brake line is flat on one side. It doesn't seem to hurt though. :cry:

I had the same thing happen to mine, then i rode in the mud one day and the extra dirt and grit on the cable wore a hole through the guard and was beginning to expose the line inside. I ordered a galfer steel braided line after that and was able to adjust the new cable so it doesnt wear quite as bad on the guide. We were going to make something to move the guide over a little, but had no need after the new line so we never did.

The steel braided line made a big difference on the way the brakes felt. They feel about the same as the stock line under light braking, but when you brake hard they dont fade like the stock line.

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