'S' BSR 36 Carb / broken slide / Help Needed

Well I've done it now....

I was re-installing the needle back into the slide while doing some carb work. While securing the grey needle stopper that holds the needle in place.... I pushed too hard and snapped one of the four black retaining clips inside the slide that holds the grey needle stopper in place.

I'm not sure if I was pushing too hard or if it was weak already as the grey cap and little spring were rolling around inside the slide when I initially took it apart. None the less..... l'm pissed !! :cry:

Please tell me that Suzuki sells that slide as an individual part....

Any thoughts about the reinstallation of that grey cap with the new slide, so this doesn't happen again.

Yup. Been there done that. The part you need is called a piston valve. They are sold individualy by Suzuki. Mine cost about $60. This would be a good time to buy a FCR. Ebay has CV carbs for cheap. Next time wet the small o-ring to help seat the grey piece. Good luck. :cry:

Any thoughts about the reinstallation of that grey cap with the new slide, so this doesn't happen again.

I've found that if you twist the plug as you push in , it helps roll the o-ring into place and takes less effort to seat... :thumbsup:Andrew

Argh! Been there and done that too. Those damn plastic tabs are fragile.

Ron Ayers, $35, piston valve, darn it, Mrs. Duke is on my computer (using kid's BarneyComp now) so I can't retrieve the part number :cry:

:cry: :cry: :cry: Been there done that too. Oh the joys of working on bikes :cry:


Part Number: 13501-29FA0

Description: VALVE,PISTON

Price: $34.04


Thanks for all the feedback but more than anything..... the sympathy !! Glad to hear I wasn't the only one displaying 'feats of strength' while re-installing that.

Believe it or not... I found a piston valve today at one of my favorite dealers. My parts guy said, ' I have no idea why we would have this in stock, as it wouldn't ordinarily be here.' Guess some real good luck on my part !! 45 min drive but who cares as I am finished and ready to ride this weekend !!

One of the cool guys in the service dept. said to put just a 'hair' of dielectric grease on the o-ring and it will slide on it. I barely put any on but it was just enough to ease it on without effecting it's ability to hold the grey cap in place.

Thanks guys !!!

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