cancer patient needs your help

I am not sure as to where start this, or where it will end up.

On October 1st 2004 my nephew and a racer on my motocross race team Brandon Kyle Schaffner turned 11 years old. 4 days later he began to vomit. His father Richard Schaffner took him to the emergency room in their town for observation. After a few tests it was determined little eleven year old Brandon had cancer. They did the only thing they could do and flight for lifed him to Phoenix Childrens hospital where the team of doctors found he not only had the rarest form of cancer known, he was the youngest to have gotten it. The big turn of events was when the doctors informed Brandons father NO ONE had ever survived this form of cancer.

I was away on vacation out of the country when I got the message on my cell phone. I immediately flew home and made my way to Phoenix to be with brandon. Brandon is more then just my nephew, he is like a son. I raised him while he was little. Only 4 short weeks ago he had left after living with me for a short time.

The initial prognosis was he was not going to live more then 48 hours and that he had a less then 5% chance of living beyond that. The doctors found numerous tumors in his system and did surgery to prepare for the best case scenario in which he will pull through the cancer. Within 24 hours of reaching the Childrens hospital they had already started Chemotherapy.

Sometimes you dont know how much someone knows you love them when you talk to them on the phone and begin to cry. When you later find out that the 11 year old in the hospital with cancer tells his dad that " I knew my uncle loved me but I did not know he loved me that much that he had to cry."

When an adult gets cancer you usually have time to prepare or can at least be honest telling them that this disease is life threatening. Its hard to look at 11 year old who days before seemed to be fine and tell them that they were going to die. In fact it is near impossible.

Staying strong through the first 48 hours he has had his highs and lows. His blood pressure has been much higher then most "high blood pressure victims" will ever see. He has more then 15 tubes inserted into various parts of his body to monitor his vitals as well as make it easier for testing.

He completed his first batch of chemotherapy and things started to look better. Although its not good to keep your hopes up he seemed to be a little more alert then previous. The swollen stomach which was once twice the size of normal has gone down just a bit. His testicles which were once the size of cantelope have shrunk to the size of a softball. His blood pressure has dropped a bit and he seems to have gotten a little more color back.

Things did stay better for a few days but the call to his father late last night has turned things to the worse.

His father a truck driver by trade who did not leave his bedside for the first twelve days needs to make some money. Being a single father he left his older son Rick to stay bedside with Brandon so Dick could go for some quick short routes between phoenix and California and be back each night. Gordon Trucking I have to give big thanks to has been very well at keeping him working only when he is able to.

Dick got the call last night while 90 miles outside of Phoneix. The doctor called and asked his father if It was allright to take Brandon off all the machines. The doctor felt that Brandon was suffering and it was the best thing to do. This is not an easy thing to handle at any distance let alone when you, a father not able to be by your sons side. HE said "no" that He will be strong. Especially when he was not their in case something happened. When he arrived the doctors wanted him to sign release forms in case anything was to happen during the night. Dick laid next to Brandon where he always does only tonight was about to be a bit different. Brandon started haveing trouble breathing. He started to choke and could not breath. The doctors and nurses came in as Brandon was saying in a soft voice I do not want to die. I can't die. This happened twice last night and has put Dick in a wreck.

This morning things are still not perfect but Brandons oxygen in his system seems to be a couple points above normal. Doctors still are not saying he has much time.

I know alot of people frequent this board as well as others. If you could please pass this on. I have contacted many associations for help with paying bills for my brother in law. He needs everyone who can help to help him through this time.

He has no income while laying bedside and still has household bills to pay. is a paypal account you can send money to that I will make sure gets to him. Every money that comes in I will match by 25% and write a check to him. Please mark it MONEY FOR BRANDON. Ill be leaving again like I have done three times now in the past two weeks to go stay with Brandon. Hopefully this wont be my last.

The address that cards and get wells can be sent too is

Phoenix Childrens Hospital

Brandon Schaffner Room 218

1919 e. Thomas rd

Phoenix, Az 85016

This is a website that has also been set up just for Brandon

web page

Please pass this on to everyone. I ask this from the bottom of my heart. If you do happen to visit the webpage please sign the guest book and put where you saw this message at.

If you have any questions please email me at

That's horrible. I'm sorry. Nobody should have to go through this. Especially a young child. I'll say a prayer for him. I wish I could do more. Keep us posted on his condition.

Thats terrible.I really hope he get better soon.Keep us updated.

May God bless him AND his Dad. My boy turns 11 on Tuesday - I can't even imagine....

I am here in the room and inbetween the crys and tears its hard to undersrand why. I can't thank any of you enough that has sent money. I don't know how to repay or properly thank you.

Brandon most definately has my prayers! i would send money, but im only 17, and well, dont have any to send. but i will pray for him, and i hope to hear good news on his recovery. he will be up and riding again in no time! BEST WISHES ON A SPEEDY RECOVERY BRANDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry: o yah, i forgot, hes 11 lol, maybe in 10 years little buddy (had to throw a little humor in the mix)! GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES

At 8:10am October 23, 2004 Brandon Kyle Schaffner has passed away at only 11 years of age. He is no longer suffering.

im sorry to hear that, but at least he has gone on to a better place and is no longer in pain. Now he is ripping up the clouds on the moto courses of heaven :cry:

HI im sooo sorry to hear about your loss of Brandon , all you need to know that we are all praying and im sure hes ripping up the clouds up above.

I'm sorry to hear the news. My prayers are with his family. Surely Brandon was so special that God wanted him back with him sooner than later. Things like this make a parent think - I spent some extra time with my kids today because we just never know....

I am so sorry to hear that. God bless you and your family.

I teach middle school kids and cant imagen one of them passing.

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