Best aftermarket pipa

Looking for the best, loudest, most performance giving pipe for an 04 YZ450F, I do a lot of desert riding :cry:

You may want to do a search here on TT yourself...I'm sure there will be a big pissin' match over this subject. At least that's what I've seen happen in the past. :cry: The only pipe other than stock I've tried is a White Bros 'E' series....only to meet the Noise level and to have a Spark Arrestor here in Lovely California. I sure miss riding in Nevada :cry: I did notice a little loss in power with the White Bros 'E' series, but it wasn't that bad. :cry:

Thanks for the info, thats what I have on my Raptor and that made a big difference, I guess Ill do a search :cry:

I have a Jardine system and do lots of sand riding its an awesome system it had the highest hp ratings in the mxa tests.


I have the Yoshimura RC-3 Ti set up and really enjoy the quiet idle and loud rap rap when you are on the pipe. The fit and finish have lasted for over a year now. The pipe polishes up nice after every run too. You can feel the power brotha! :cry:

If loud is what you are looking for then get a White Brothers R-4 Shorty pipe. About as loud as you can get without running muffler-less.

I've always liked FMF and White Brother's.

FMF Titanium Series

FMF Factory 4 :cry:

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