Elkins/PiPi - Anyone have current info. on riding conditions?

Curious if anyone has been up there in the last couple of days and can provide a ride report.



Went yesterday (Elkins Flat) and it was great ! SNOW at about 4500 ft and up .Trail #25 perfect .#26 parts were ridable others were not depended on if the sun shined on that particular area or not .#29 snowed in 5500 ft level according to GPS tried to make it to leek springs but no way

not on single track anyways.Stay in the lower areas PIPI and you will be fine.

Can't believe that there is snow allready.Makes for a small window of riding between red sticker and weather .Had a blast though wish I was still there .Only saw 4 total riders all day and the conditions (other than the snow)were great. :cry:

Thanks! This is great info.!

See my ride report "Elkins Flat Ride Report - Friday 10/22 " here in the Southwest forum. :cry:

No way - since I'm not racing up there, I don't want to know how good it is :cry:

We'll hit Clear Creek instead and save ourselves 1.5 hours of drive time each way.

Thanks for the report though.

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