Stupid Oil Changing Question - Can Anyone Lend a Quick Answer?

This is a dumb question but I need a confirmation:

I just bought a 01 WR426 and need to change the oil. Is there 2 places that I need to drain the oil from (on frame near radiator and under motor)? I am coming from XR where there is only one drain bolt.

Also, after I change the oil is there a reason the dipstick registers "Full" after only a half quart of oil? Does the oil have to work its way down past the strainer and into the motor. Do I need to start the bike and drawn the oil down into the motor?

Thanks for the help :cry: :cry:!


you need to get all the old oil out by the too bolts you said but what i do aswell is i take all the bolts out and the too oil hose and let them drain over night.when you put every thing back in and put the right amount in that the book says and start the bike and let it warm up then check to see if it is showing on the dipstick if it is it should be about half way between the top and bottom dots. :cry:

When i start it up the first time after a new oil change i hold the kill switch while giving it a few goes with the starter motor, just to get the oil circulating before it revs up.

There is no starter motor on a 426......

Bonzai :cry:

You can also undue the oil line under the filter cap and get some more out of there.

There is no starter motor on a 426......

Bonzai :cry:

Oh yeah...

i just changed my oil its the first time with a dry sump bike but drained both plugs cleaned oil strainer filled with 1.7 ltrs oil turned bike over with kicker 3/4 times undone feed line under crank to see it was going down then slacked off feed on head o/s and started.oil seeped out. tightend,turned off and topped up to top mark on stick :cry:

Be very careful with that Banjo bolt on the exterior oil line. That damn thing won't take very much abuse at all and will snap off if you even look at it wrong. It is also a part that Very few dealers ever keep in stock. You can skip this step in the manual without hurting anything, and if the oil pump failed before the oil change then you would not have gotton to the oil change anyway.

I don't think I have touched that bolt in atleast 3 years maybe 4 since I broke my last one.

Bonzai :cry:

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