Stator 426 & 400


If nobody can help with the colour chart for the stator wires, can anyone at least tell me if the 426 uses the same stator and colours.

I have downloaded a workshop manual for the YZF426 from the EXCELLENT site.

I just need confirmation that the colours will be the same.

What do you need? I have my 426 stator sitting on my desk as we type. There are 6 wires. Pink, brown, white, and red, green, and black. I would imagine they are interchangable if I had to make a guess. :cry:

Thanks for the reply. Sorry I wasn't clear.

My question is: are the colours etc the same for the 426 as the 400?

I have a YZ400 and a manual for the 426. I need to test the stator.



Nobody can answer this simple question for me?

You suprise me

I have a 400 and a 426 manual. Let me know what you what and I will look at it tonight. On my way to work now. :cry: :cry:

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