Rear Brake

I've adjusted the pedal on the rear brake because it was too high. I ride with the balls of my feet on the pegs because my boot fouls the lever and, when standing, I have to lift my foot to get my boot over the pedal. I can't control the brake effectively in this position and go from nothing to lockup with no middle ground.

So, I removed the pin that connects the pedal to the pushrod and spun the nut upwards a few turns. The pedal's now in the right place but the brake is hardly working and needs a huge amount of pressure to overcome the return spring.

How do I lower the pedal and retain the feel and power of the rear brake?



I did the same thing to lower the pedal, and do not have your pressure problem. Just how low did you go?

I did modify the toe part of the rear brake to make it smaller, that sucker was huge and always got in the way! I need to spend some time and money on the brakes.

Ian, I polished my brake lever when I fitted my shiny new case savers, does that help ?? :cry:

Actually (millemg being helpful) - are my footpegs on the E any higher than on the S, as I don't have your problem at all ? Just a thought :cry:


Your adjustment should not change things that much. The return spring is not strong enough to prevent brake application. Take a look and see if the pedal is hitting something. If you need radical change of pedal location, you may have to cut and weld.

are those ims pegs. thats what i have and they set about a half inch lower than the stock pegs. i put the pedal in a press and rearched it a little. try a half of a turn at a time on your adjustment makes alot of diff.

is the threaded pushrod hitting on brake pedal???

is the threaded pushrod hitting on brake pedal???

Good point - I'll check. Cheers!

MilleMG - Hi mate. No, our pedals are about the same height. The return spring is a vicious overpowered thing. I might get one off another bike and try that.

Cheers Ian

PS - MG - no motard wheels yet. Neraly bought a set S/H for 530 quid yesterday. Xmas is coming though and my credit cards are burdened with debt as it is! :cry:

Ian....It's not the spring, surely by screwing the pushrod up you have compressed the fluid and/or pushed the piston too far up into the master cylinder ?... that is not the way to adjust the pedal position, I don't think it is adjustable...

Try sitting on the rear mudguard when riding :cry:

Have you checked to make sure the brake arm is not hitting the pegs when you apply the brakes being droped that low?

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